Email request to and use the following format
(it’s more efficient for us this way):

Opera Name For Sale (or Wanted) by Your Name
Date and time, number of tickets, seat location (plus comment on location if appropriate), your $ charge for the ticket, and how to contact (email and/or telephone).

Please note:
1)  It may take several days for us to post your tickets; we try to aggregate requests whenever possible and do not post on a daily basis.
2)  To honor our mavens’ privacy, we only publish notices received directly from the seller (or buyer), not those forwarded to us by a third party.
3)  If you let us know when you’ve sold (or bought) your tickets we’ll remove the post from our website; otherwise it will be taken down after the performance date so your personal information doesn’t hang out here forever for all the world to see!

Thank you,

Head Maven OperaBobb and Associate Mavens Heidi & James (Opera Evangelists)