Streaming Opera is So Easy! Here’s the “How to”

Watch streaming opera on your big flat TV screen easily by broadcasting from your computer to the screen by either:

  1. Connecting wirelessly with a Chromecast device ($35) or something similar.
  2. Using an HDMI cable from your computer’s HDMI (out) to your TV screen’s HDMI (in).

Below are the main sites offering streaming opera:

Opera Vision – Operas from all over Europe; they stay available for 3-6 months. English subtitles
are added a few days after performance is first shown; many have English subtitles from the start.

YouTube – Scores of operas available at, e.g., SF Opera’s Aida with Pavarotti and Price.

Indiana University – They have a wide variety of operas.


logo-medici – They have a huge catalog for which they charge. Their live offerings are normally free.


Digital Concert Hall – This is the Berlin Philharmonic. They seldom do opera, but it’s a good site to know about.

The Met – Large catalog.


Glyndebourne – They do mostly summer stuff. But a lot is available on Medici at!/search/glyndebourne/ and on YouTube at

Bayerishe Oper Munich – They broadcast live only. Sometimes their productions end up on other channels, like Logan D, or Culturbox.

Wallonie – They usually just broadcast live, but they often appear on LiveWeb.Arte or Culturbox.

Bayreuth – Nothing lately.

Royal Opera – Nothing Lately.