Dear OperaBobb Mavens,

Yes, it’s true, after twenty years as the San Francisco Opera House’s Intermezzo Lounge manager, Tom Taffel is now ready to retire.  Never having pursued his Ph.D., Tom wants to have time to achieve further academic accomplishments, continue writing/publishing metaphysical articles, lecture, return to the opera stage as a supernumerary, and yes, travel!

After two decades at the opera house, he wants to retire from the San Francisco Opera at the end of the opera season in December, 2017 and from the San Francisco Ballet at the end their season in May, 2018.  His last OPERA group cruise will be to Tahiti/Bora Bora – July 18, 2018.  This will be his 73rd (group) cruise.

You may join Tom and Bill Repp on their very last OPERA group cruise next July on the six-star, ultra-luxury m/s “Paul Gauguin” with our very own (Merola 2012) baritone, Gordon Bintner and his beautiful wife, soprano Simone Osborne.

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