Ciao, Opera Mavens. Here’s a recent announcement from our friend John Duykers too good not to pass along!

Both Eyes Open – Staged concert performance of new chamber opera by composer Max Giteck Duykers and playwright Philip Kan Gotanda featuring soprano Kalean Ung, tenor John Duykers, and baritone Kelvin Chan, with Marja Mutru at the piano and Joel Davel from Buchia’s Marimba Lumina. The story, set in Stockton CA, focuses on a Japanese immigrant landowner and his wife who are interned in a camp in Arkansas in 1942; before leaving their farm they bury a Zen Daruma Doll on their land. The story takes a hallucinatory, nonlinear turn when the Daruma Doll comes to life and the drama splits into two alternative conclusions; the audience must then decide which story line is “true,” and in the process, come to empathize and understand more deeply the existential conflicts that interned Japanese Americans faced after returning home from the camps. Tickets start at $25 and include post-performance reception with hors d’oeuvres and beverages; available through
Sat Nov 16 at 7pm, Dresher Ensemble Studio, 2201 Poplar St, Oakland