Ciao, Opera Mavens. Summer is bringing a lot of good streams. Check out:

For fans of early Verdi: From Wallonie (Liege, Belgium) Macbeth, with Leo Nucci, June 14, 2018.

For fans of Berlioz: Also from Wallonie La Damnation de Faust with Paul Groves, Ildebrando D’Archangelo, and Nino Surguladze 2017.Gorgeous production.

And, Berlioz again: From Amsterdam Les Troyens with Bryan Hymel June 15, 2018. Has English subtitles.

For fans of Richard Strauss: From Indiana University Ariadne auf Naxos 2018. (Scroll down to the 2017-2018 season then click once on the double arrows on the right.) Has English subtitles.