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James Levine

James Levine Ciao, Opera Mavens. Brilliant conductor: James Levine Dies at 77.(from Washington Post)

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‘Epic of Opera’ Webinar & DMMO Summer Streams

Ciao, Opera Mavens. Here are some more web-based opera-tunities while the shelter in place continues: William Berger Presents: The Epic of Opera – Metropolitan Opera commentator and noted author and lecturer William Berger presents this lively, interactive late-afternoon/early evening Zoom-based webinar tracing the story of opera itself. Each session will feature a presentation with visuals…

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Billy Budd — Another Superb Stream from Des Moines

Ciao, Opera Mavens. After last week’s marvelous Rusalka from Des Moines Metro Opera, this week they are streaming a superb Billy Budd. Scroll down to “Billy Budd” and select either YouTube or Face Book to watch. Enjoy!

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