Ciao, Opera Mavens. A brand new Hamlet opera from Glyndebourne plus a new, unique 12-episode streaming opera, plus news of two important musicologists who are locally familiar.

The World Premiere of Hamlet by Brett Dean. From Glyndebourne with an all-star cast. At 9am on Thu Jul 6 and for a week after. Will also be available on Medici. on CultureBox, and from the Vienna Staatsoper.

First Episodic Made-for-TV & Online Opera: Vireo: The Spiritual

Deborah Voigt

Biography of a Witch’s Accuser. The Journey of the The Teenage-Girl Visionary Through Time in 12 Episodes.


Composer Lisa Bielawa’s episodic opera features some of the notable names in classical and modern opera including director Charles Otte, librettist Erik Ehn, sopriano Debora Voigt (Merola 1985), Kronos Quartet, and the San Francisco Girls Chorus.

Musicologist Richard Taruskin Wins $450K Kyoto Prize
from San Francisco Chronicle. A world renowned Russian opera expert and longtime favorite Opera Guild Preview Lecturer.

Rossini & Verdi Scholar Philip Gossett Dead at 75 Responsible for some Rossini and Verdi opera critical editions used by the SF Opera.